People of Morocco

When you travel to Morocco, you are traveling to a place with some of the friendliest individuals you will ever find. Morocco travel is so popular in many countries because of the nice citizens in the country, and now when you travel to Morocco with Sahara Soul Travel, you can experience it yourself.

Morocco hospitality is legendary and when you travel to Morocco with us, we will show you everything about the Moroccan people you could ever want to know. For thousands of years, Morocco has been an amalgamation of cultures, including the Berbers, Arabs, Phoenicians, Byzantines, Romans, Spaniards, Portuguese, Turks and French. These cultures have ruled or been a part of Morocco for centuries and now they form an integral part of the history and culture of the country. When you travel to Morocco, you will see that history, and that culture for yourself. Sahara Soul Travel can provide customized Morocco tours that will highlight all of it for you.

Most of the people in Morocco are of Arab or Berber ancestry, but there are some small numbers of Jewish and Black African people. While the majority of the country is Muslim, there are some Jews and Christians as well. Of all the Islamic countries, Morocco is one of the most liberal.

When you travel to Morocco, you may be expecting harsh rules for some things, but the truth is that Morocco has nightclubs and alcohol, clothing is varied and you will find topless European beachgoers walking with, or past, cloaked Moroccan maidens. Morocco is truly a country that blends cultures together and lives in harmony with everyone in its borders. In fact, when you travel to Morocco, you may be asking why the rest of the world can be like this. That being said, conservative dress can be found in the rural areas where a more traditional way of life is followed.

On any Morocco travel excursion, you should be ready to hear a lot of different languages. Moroccan children learn both Arabic and French, while Berber is taught in elementary school. Do not be surprised to find some Moroccan children who speak four or more languages when you travel to Morocco!

Morocco is a blend of cultures, where everyone is free to live and let live, and no where is this more true than in the many languages used in the country. When Sahara Soul Travel provides you with travel to Morocco and Morocco tours, they will make sure that they not only have a guide for you that speaks your native language, but one that speaks the major languages of Morocco as well. Nothing makes a vacation harder than a language barrier, and we want to make your Morocco travel experience the best experience of your life. So why not travel to Morocco and find out why so many enjoy their Morocco travel experience?